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Projects & References

ALMASAR Translations has successfully performed a variety of translation, interpretation and training projects in the past five years to the full satisfaction of our demanding clients. Examples of recent projects include:
  • Technical Training & Interpretations

  •        TD Williamson Services, Inc. & Sebastian Lantos LLC - training of 18 Iraqi oil pipeline supervisors, engineers, technicians
           in four groups in Europe over 14 weeks.

    Eng. Saad conducting on-site technical interpretation during a training session for a group of Iraqi oil personnel

  • Literary & Journalistic Translations & Software Formatting

  •        Univ. of Pennsylvania's Linguistic Data Consortium - translation and formatting of about 200,000 words of
           on-line news stories and articles as part of a long-term, context-based and automated translation project.

  • Comprehensive English Web Site Translation and Localization into Saudi Arabic

  •        The Steele Foundation - View Completed Project

  • Legal Contracts

  •        The Parsons Corporation - Translation of contractual agreements between Parsons international affiliates.

  • Technical Documents and PowerPoint Presentations

  •        US Translation Houses - Sub-contract translations and formatting of miscelleanous documents and presentations
           for the US Dept. of Energy and other Federal agencies.

  • Entertainment Graphic Design

  •        WorldRace Productions - Arabic calligraphy design for a movie set in Morocco.

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