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Arabic-English & English-Arabic
Professional Arabic-English Translations, Interpretations and Training

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MASAR Technologies, Inc., offers professional translations and interpretations of written and spoken Arabic/English of technical, business, financial, legal and personal documents, books, articles and artworks, in addition to transcriptions, voiceovers and bilingual training in many Arabic regional dialects. We guarantee accurate, reliable, context-based and cost-effective translations and interpretations to the highest professional levels. Our services are fully customized to meet your specific quality, format, budget and timing requirements.

MAS   Mohamad Amin Saad
  Our Chief Translator, is a   native Arabic speaker,   fluent in 7 Arabic dialects   with near-native mastery   of the English language.   He has 5 years of global   translation experience   and over 33 years of   technical and chemical   engineering experience.
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Arabic Calligraphy & Graphic
Designs, Logos & Other Artwork

Calligraphy Samples
7 styles to choose from:  
    Style 1     Style 2     Style 3     Style 4        Style 5     Style 6     Style 7

Lebanese, Egyptian, Iraqi, Moroccan, Saudi & Palestinian ArabicDialects

Articles, Stories, Books, Letters, Legal Contracts & Documents
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Technical Proposals, Engineering
Manuals & Business Documents

Arabic & English Web Site
Translations and Localization

Technical and Engineering Training

يد الحنا - Henna Hand
"Henna Hands"
Design & Photography by
Mohamad Amin Saad ©2017

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Our Qualifications   Download Resume/C.V.

1. Bilingual, Native Arabic
    Speaker, Reader & Writer

2. Middle-East/US education

3. 33-year industrial
    experience worldwide     

4. 15-year professional
    Arabic-English translation & interpretation experience worldwide
5. Native American-English
    Technical/Legal Editor

6. Hands-on graphics design,
    calligraphy & artwork

7. Proven technical writing     

Our References

  • Linguistic Data Consrt.
  •      (Univ. of Pennsylvania)
  • The Steele Foundation
  • TD Williamson
  • Sebastian Lantos Consult.
  • Parsons Corp.
  • WorldRace Productions

  • We recently passed all required US Government Contract Linguist tests - Listening, Reading, Writing and Translation

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